I Love My Digital Assistant

While it can’t talk, hold lights, or load up the car at the end of the day, my trusty Cam Ranger is a no-brainer when it comes to big jobs, small jobs, and anything in between, especially when working without an assistant. 

And for an architectural photographer, where focus, bracketing, and image sharing are paramount, this little piece of kit is as indispensable as my tripod, allowing complete wireless control of my camera via my iPad or Android phone. 

Clients, art directors, and designers all love it too, especially when teamed with the big- screen real estate of an iPad. 

  • Frees you up to move around and sets up the shot wirelessly with live view
  • Very easy to use when solo; I have a free hand to hold flash/reflector
  • Great for shooting in inaccessible corners
  • No risk of moving the camera leading to layer alignment issues in post production
  • Allows you to see focus when using a non-AF lens such as a tilt-shift
  • Clients can view images on their device using the CamRanger share app
  • Intervalometer allows for timelapses, video mode
  • Leveler in live view, saves adjusting tripod legs
  • 2 batteries will get you through the whole day
  • Doesn’t complain, require feeding, or demand a raise!

I upgraded to CamRanger 2 in 2021 after support for the original was stopped. CamRanger promises “increased range, reliability and functionality”.