Hello! I’m an architecture and interior photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. And I’m also a self-confessed photography geek. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on YouTube, TikTok, and any other place I can geek out on photography equipment, reviews, drones, and more.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years and I currently work with some of the best commercial and residential architects, builders, interior designers, and brands in the southwest and beyond, making their buildings look the best versions of themselves and helping them win awards.

I don’t think anyone can say they’ve ever truly mastered their craft, but I like to think I’m getting there. Through this blog, I hope to pass on what I’ve learned over the years – and I’ve learned a lot (tons of trial and error!), everything from what equipment I can’t live without to killer lighting techniques to Photoshop tips.

If you’d like to see my work, check out my portfolio.